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7th July 2021

Below is a scam email masquerading as someone in our company, obviously trying to get us to transfer some money somewhere. But if you look at the 'Disclaimer' it's full of random words. No idea why - at a guess they might be generated randomly for each email to help the scammers track which person they're currently duping?

What is the cut off time for instant payment/same day? I need you sort out a same day payment as soon as possible.



DISCLAIMER AND CONFIDENTIALITY The information contained in this e-mail, including those in its attachments, is confidential and intended only for the person(s) or entity(ies) to which it is addressed. If you are not the intended recipient, you must not read, copy, store, disclose, distribute this message, or act in reliance upon the information contained in it.Defrauder consultantships sternalgic exons hemihed, ral estragons ochidores pundigrions postliberation hyloist obverting enmoving inoculum coleoptera surfacings crusaders disintegrators swingometers pygostyle sponsalia unlearning fuehrer biomimicries victors grinders sacrums isocheimal colloquia gallous progesterone muids snared tactions begs romanizin, g cephalopodic decameters cyanohydrin, bemeant hydromechanics upbinds giraffid postfixes congregants drudged escribano wiljas rancherias pitchpoled dachs, hund poeticism normalize defrayment squits lindy lumpishness catalpa glottis di, sposure unfossiliferous coursebooks dasheki egalitarianism xanthan columns collard slinging frabbit electrums nunhood overarches bygone ensconced nonindigenous bulrush fistula popedom ashtanga antar snit signees hipline scalable wires trottoirs 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