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Is a vote for the SNP worth 10 of any other?

5th July 2012

Today the new plans for the British Army are being set out by Philip Hammond, the UK's defence secretary.

In his article in today's Telegraph , Alan Cochrane implies that Scottish regiments are being dealt with in a different way to those of the rest of the UK, and that this is a political decision. Although some regiments are to be disbanded completely, no Scottish ones are. This, he says, is to ensure that the SNP and Alex Salmond are not able to make political capital from the decision in the long lead-up to the referendum on Scottish independence, set for Autumn 2014.

Is the logic of this that every decision made at a UK level has to be considered in terms of how it will affect the result of the referendum? For instance, is David Cameron's reluctuance to hold an EU referendum in any way based on whether the result might be different in Scotland than England? Does Scottish opposition to welfare cuts worry him more than English opposition would? Is the following conversation feasible?

"Dave, it's Barack, how's it going."

"Not too bad Barack. Still got the whole recession thing going on you know, but can't complain."

"Dave, I'm looking for a favour. I'm planning to invade Iran, a bit like Dubya did with Iraq. It was great to have you guys onside then. I know I can count on your support, but thought I'd give you a heads-up."

"Yes, of course, we'd love to... Erm.. When is this going to be?"

"Well, we're pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan soon Dave, so we've kinda got a window around the start of 2014. Don't want to leave it any longer, the Israeli's are getting a bit fidgety."

"Ah..., hmmm..., could be a bit of a problem there. Don't think the Jocks are going to stand for it."

Every vote, every percentage point in every poll between now and the referendum will make sure that Scotland is near the top of Dave's thoughts whenever he makes a decision, and that can't be a bad thing.