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Better Together Blunder?

28th November 2013

Maybe I've misunderstood this. Better Together produced an article today criticising the SNP's maths ( archive ). It was based around the following graphic.

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All the red handwriting points out lots of errors in terms of what they say are the costs of independence. For instance:

No budget is allocated here for transitional costs


Does not assume any increase in cost of borrowing when experts predict £1-2bn

Seems to me there's a problem though - it's in the title of the table they've screenshotted from the white paper.

Table: Estimates of Scotland's Financial Position (2016/17) £ Billions under Current Constitutional Arrangements.

Maybe I've got this wrong, but I thought our Current Constitutional Arrangements were being part of the UK?

They seem to have taken a table showing the forecasts for finances if we stay in the UK and annotated it as if it shows the finances if we are independent . No doubt they'll correct me if I'm wrong.

I'd say they "must try harder" but I've a feeling they're already trying as hard as they can.