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A short survey...

12nd March 2012

...on attitudes to a number of subjects. Your responses will be treated entirely confidentially. On completion you will be provided with our analysis of your results.

There are only three questions, and most respondents should take less than one minute to complete the survey.

Question 1

If a young person starts taking driving lessons, would you say that their motivation was...

Question 2

If you were a doctor and your female patient told you that she was trying to conceive, would you write in her notes that she had a wish to...

Question 3

If people in a small nation work to take control of their own affairs, would you say they were...

Your Results

Give yourself 1 point for each time you chose B, no points when you chose A. Total up your score and check your result below.

If you scored 3

Congratulations, you are a well rounded person without chips on either shoulder.

If you scored less than 3

Oh dear, it doesn't seem that you're able to see the big picture. Anything worth doing will have some less pleasant intermediary steps, but they're just part of the process, not the final destination. You need to take a more positive view, looking at the benefits of your goal rather than focusing on the difficulties of getting there.

Take a deeper look at your motivations - if you're simply using disparaging terms focussing on the difficulties of an aspiration to cast other people's wishes or beliefs in a negative light, isn't that a little blinkered? If you think they're wrong, wouldn't you be better engaging with them and explaining your reasons rather trying to put them down all the time? What do you feel 3rd parties who don't have firm views on the subject will think of the way you are behaving?

Now, do the survey again , but think more carefully this time!