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Letter in Inverness Courier - 6 Dec 13

8th December 2013

Nicky Marr writes an excellent column on Scottish Independence. Unlike Nicky, I have made my mind up on which way I'll be voting, but like her I too hope that when we make our decision it will be based on all the pertinent facts.

The Yes campaign may have not yet answered everyone's questions, but it is at least trying. The No campaign on the other hand refuses to provide any information on the consequences of voting against independence. Will Scotland's finances be hit by reform of the Barnett formula? Will calls to solve the West Lothian question mean we have fewer MPs at Westminster? What will happen if the UK votes to leave the EU? How can Scotland afford a public NHS if health care is privatised south of the border?

The UK government could also resolve the questions over Scotland's place in the EU simply by asking them, but they refuse to do so, presumably thinking that keeping the electorate ignorant will benefit their side of the argument.

Whatever the result next year, the worst outcome would be a situation where we regret the decision in the future because we hadn't been given the facts.

Garve Scott-Lodge
North Kessock