Garve Scott-Lodge

Ross County because...

...ever since my great-uncle took me to Victoria Park at the age of eight, I've loved having something which means more than life or death, but only for 90 minutes on a Saturday.

...and we've been to the cup final!

SNP because...

...I want to live in a country which broadly holds the same political and moral views that I do, and that's never going to happen in the London-centred UK.

...and because I believe we could do great things.

Wikileaks because...

...secrecy is the enemy of democracy. The electorate can't make good decisions if governments routinely keep the facts from them. Wikileaks is far from perfect, but it's the best symbol for this I can think of for now.
Web designer with Plexus Media in Cromarty in the Scottish Highlands.
Middle aged, married to Susan, grown up kids.
Books: SF, especially Jack Vance
Music: 1980's Scottish, Associates, Fire Engines etc
Currently Beirut, Chvrches, Alex Winston, Jenny & Johnny, Best Coast
I've read Private Eye for decades